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new album June 24, 2022

"One of America’s best-kept secrets." 

-The Times (London)



Bhi Bhiman (pronounced Bee-mun) is an acclaimed American singer, songwriter, and producer, whose unforgettable voice has been compared to Nina Simone by NPR, and described by the Washington Post as “a keening, gender-neutral yawp that’s as earthy as it is ethereal.” Along with three studio albums BHIMAN (2012), Rhythm & Reason (2015), and the innovative Peace of Mind (2019), released as a podcast, Bhiman has collaborated with a diverse list of creatives including comedian/actor Keegan-Michael Key, author Dave Eggers, rapper / director Boots Riley, and late iconic musician Chris Cornell.


Bhiman’s upcoming album I’ll Sleep When I’m Famous is his most personal release to date. Co-produced by Sam Kassirer (who worked on the critically acclaimed BHIMAN and Rhythm & Reason albums), the nine-song album sports a world-weary, but wide-eyed positivity.  Recorded entirely at his home studio, these songs were inspired by the pop sensibility of the rock music Bhi grew up on in the 90s, and is a call back to the more acoustic sound found on his debut.  “These songs deal with the ever-increasing presence of death in our lives,” Bhiman explains, connecting to both the Covid pandemic and personal loss. “I hope that it can be cathartic to those who’ve experienced loss, not as a downer but as a reality check. The reason we create art to begin with, is that we don’t see enough beauty in the world. And his record is meant to replace some of the beauty that’s been taken from us.”



For a lot of us, the past few years have been marked by loss.  This collection of songs is meant to acknowledge the elephant in the room: the fact that in one way or another death is always a presence in life. Not in a dark and depressing way, but as a radical act of acceptance that life will always include loss, and that what we choose to do with that fact impacts the trajectory of our lives. Will we focus on what’s truly important—deep human connection, family, community—or be distracted by fleeting desires and weighed down by loss?  For me, making this album as I was losing my father-in-law but caring for my young daughter was cathartic and helped to ground me in that cycle of human relationships. My hope is that it will do the same for listeners, and remind them to make a conscious choice about how they’re spending their time and energy, because that’s really the only thing we control in life.


"First-rate, folk-based and undeniably unique." -The Washington Post


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